Welcome Home.

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1737 SW 12 Street, Miami, FL 33135

email: crockettartworks@bellsouth.net

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Located adjacent to “the Mission” :

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The “Compound:” the long, straight driveway between the two properties leads to the unlikely urban lushness of Lost Reef Cottage Gardens. The Mission sits next door watchfully and in quiet dignity, as it has since the construction of its “newcomer” neighbor, in 1937.

The exact location of the Cottage can be seen at http://www.shortenurl.com/GoogleMap_Cottage

For a panoramic glimpse of “street view,” check out the mind-bending technology of Google Maps at  http://www.shortenurl.com/GoogleMap_Cottage




Side GardenSide Garden, View.

Devoted to the Playful Pursuit and Passionate Refinement of the
Great ‘Florida Dream.’ ”

pano posting_Watercolor_1


The salvaged Yellow Gate below (once a proud screen door frame to a New Old Spanish home in Coral Gables)  sits at the end of the driveway reserved for your use, and that of any guests you might have, during your stay. It is your private entrance, and a portal to a more soothing, delightful, and greener, world.


Once you’ve stepped through the yellow door, life can seem just a bit more sweet. There are abundant (and most unlikely!) mysteries to explore in that lush green place, by night and by day.






One of the first you will come upon is an ancient coral reef, ages since “petrified” to limestone, that we unearthed after removing the field of thick grey pavement that had thickly smothered the entire area for decades. It was easy to imagine that the the Earth was rejoicing at finding itself suddenly able to breathe again, at last!


Upon walking into the garden, you will likely hear the sound of gently falling water from here and there, and the gentle song of wind chimes hung in the branches high above..  You may pause for a moment to look upward, which never hurts!



F you are considering the Cottage as a possible “home away from home” while in Miami, we are honored, and offer heartfelt thanks for your interest. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns with which we might be able to help you, in any way. We genuinely want you to be happy, so it is our practice to try to really listen, to answer all questions as fully and honestly as we are able, and to happily share whatever thoughts we might have on a question important to you.

Our focus is not as much necessarily “selling” the house; the reviews and the place itself seem to take care of that themselves. This seems to work for us.

View of the ultra-cool and comfortable sleeping loft, the “second bedroom.” There’s something about it that kids, and many grown-up people that are actually willing to cop to once having been kids themselves, just love.

Our intention is more to be truly of service; to help you evaluate for yourselves whether this unique property might meet your unique needs.We understand that travel involves some measure of stress, generally, and also realize that although lodging is only one component of planning out your trip, it is certainly among the most critical and important. We also recognize that renting a home you’ve not actually seen from people you don’t yet know, involves a leap of faith. We honor that confidence as a sacred trust, and act accordingly, in every way.

We are here to help. Period. We are big fans of the “Golden Rule,” and hope that you are, too.

In that spirit, we can offer our assurances that if you do come, you will quite likely be very glad that you did.

Master Bedroom

AS soon as you’ve arrived and had a chance to look around, it will become immediately obvious that you are in a “different kind of place,” in a most fortunate way. You will have found a true oasis for good rest and refreshment during your time in Miami, right in the center of it all, and your stay will be the richer and better for it.

At a minimum you will find a clean, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed place, surrounded on all sides by the unique wonders of Florida’s lavish natural bounty, to discover together and to share, and (we profoundly hope!) to enjoy.

3 great room panoIt has all been prepared for you, every bit of it: much that you will see and encounter as the days pass, and quite likely still more that you never might But you’ll definitely feel it, anyway.

We feel fortunate indeed to live in a place so fantastical, but it is all given meaning in the sharing. Please do come, and make yourself at home. We would be honored to have you.


Your happy hosts: Paul Hampton Crockett, Alan Langdon

Thank you!

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