In Pursuit of the BIG Picture.

panoram 3

Moorish Fountain Patio

IN our never-ending quest to bring you a more powerful and useful “virtual” experience of that fanciful (yet completely real) and wondrous place that we call Lost Reef Cottage, we venture boldly forth into the brave new world of Windows’ Panoramio, a web site at which photographs roughly the size of freight cars (stitched together of many smaller shots), may be uploaded for your viewing pleasure.  The “computer thing” is not everybody’s cup of tea, we realize and certainly understand. Therefore, no quiz will be given. Yet we figured it a worthy experiment, to see if people considering the properties might find useful another point of view.

So, if you’d like to take a look at a few epic-scale photos of the Cottage and its gardens, and/or a couple of its neighboring “book-end” rental property, The Mission, (which is, after all, part of the sprawling green urban oasis, and an inseparable part of its unique and “green” ambience),

Al fresco

A Wonderful Site to Dine al Fresco.

Then just visit, and have a look around.

Thank you.

The Yellow Garden Gate marking the entrance to the Coral-Bench Garden area, one of many outdoor “rooms.”

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