Let’s Take a Look! Exploring with Video.


IF a picture is worth a thousand words, a few videos might be worth a small treasury in helping to get across a sense of the wonderful and highly improbable Lost Reef Cottage in Miami, FL, and its surrounding subtropical gardens, complete with excavated ancient coral reef .  Here are glimpses of an unexpected oasis offering a quiet “grounding” in this most mad and wonderful of cities.

Where six or seven years ago sat a driveway,

Before the Jackhammer.

and an expanse of concrete so wide and deep  that one might suspect it  must have been purchased on sale,

Front Door, Cottage

we found, quite to our surprise, the peaks of a coral formation hidden a few feet beneath the rocky Earth which the driveway had entombed for the last few decades of its ancient millenial watch.

Tips of Formation as first seen by Human eyes in all of time (ours!)

Something new indeed had begun–

a true urban garden that now flourishes, awaiting only you for its completeness.

Thank you.

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