Just for Fun: a Carefree Spin Through 1950’s Miami.

A while back, my brother Jeff recently sent along a YouTube clip that I thoroughly enjoyed, a travel advertisement of the early 1950’s sponsored by Chevrolet (“Let our behemoth mobiles be your magic carpets!”) celebrating a moment in time when all was glamorous and keen in the Magic City.

(I personally think cars of that vintage are especially cool, a post-war indulgence of a national icon zooming along into the future, a product (certainly) of a growing passion and appreciation for style and “forward-motion” design of that era, and (possibly) the wistful  remembrance of the tanks of such distinguished service that some of our nation’s finest had only fairly recently had to place in “park,” forever. )

Well, La-De-Da!  Who really gives a fig when the glorious blue waters, the swaying palms and the golden sunshine conspire to offer a balmy invitation few could resist?  Enjoy some great footage of a brand-new University of Miami, Coral Gables, and the Bay on out to Key Biscayne as the area looked in the 1950’s.


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